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Gardening series

Our gardening series is designed to help you demystify organic gardening!  Each class will focus on creating the best soil possible to grow vegetables, flowers, and fruit, as we explain the joys of Food Forest Gardening, a no till system of gardening that mimics a natural forest ecosystem.  With over 20 years of commercial, organic farming experience, I will help you understand what plants really need to thrive.  All our gardening classes are hands-on- so roll up your sleeves and get ready to grow some food!

Starting an organic herb and salad garden

This class will introduce you to the joys of gardening with a focus on growing herbs and salad greens.  A perfect class for the reluctant gardener, herbs and salad greens are easy to grow, and can produce year round additions to any meal, require very little space (you can grow these in containers or pots) and will introduce you to the wonders of eating fresh food every day!

Pollinator gardens

Without our pollinators we simply would have no food to eat! Cultivating plants for pollinators ensures a more sustainable world and a better harvest for orchards and gardens, and is a wonderful way to create gorgeous landscaping and habitat for our important pollinator friends.

Grow an organic vegetable garden

Have you ever tasted a tomato picked right off the vine, or a carrot dug a moment before you eat it?  Growing your own organic food is not only insanely joyful, but the health benefits of fresh, pesticide free food will change your life!  This class is a crash course in vegetable cultivation, with a focus on healthy soil and picking the right plant for the right season.

The Four Season Garden 

We are so fortunate to live in a climate where we can grow year-round- and you can too! This is class will teach you everything you need to know about cultivating vegetables for a continuous harvest, including great soil management, when to plant certain plants.  

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