Reconnect to Nature.

Rekindle your relationship with food.

Reawaken your essential desire to learn.


An incredible and unique experience awaits you and your children on our 40 acre working farm.  Your kids will experience the magic of homesteading in an idyllic setting of forests and fields filled with the friendliest of animals including goats, sheep, pigs, cattle, chickens, alpacas and our handsome llama, Finn!  Days will include milking goats and Ella May, our Jersey milk cow, bringing the sheep to pasture, feeding the chickens and collecting eggs, feeding the pigs, cheese making, learning all about organic gardening and sustainable animal care, woods exploration, including learning native plants and birds, and of course, homestead cooking and nutrition.

Lots of time with animals, lots of exploration and playing in nature, and lots of fun!

Our programs are based on the philosophy that all people young and old thrive on connection to place, relationships with animals, and days filled with excitement.  Our programs are a nurturing, hands on, skills based adventure, built upon the foundational principles that all children desire to learn and will thrive in a positive, nurturing environment.


Coming Soon!