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Reconnect to Nature.

Rekindle your relationship with food.

Reawaken your essential desire to learn.


Experience the magic of homesteading.

Our programs are nurturing, hands on, skills based adventures,

built upon the foundational principles that children and adults desire to learn and connect to animals, the natural world, and community,

and will thrive in a positive, nurturing environment.


Coming Soon!

Upcoming Camps, Classes, and Workshops


Raising Goats for milk, meat, blackberry control, and pets.

Saturday, July 8.  9am-1pm.  $125.


Hide Tanning- a hands-on journey!


Adult Homesteading Workshop- A place to start.

Saturday and Sunday July 29-30.  9am-3pm


Children's Summer Camp Series

July 10-14; August 7-11; August 21-25

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