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Organic Meat CSA!

We are so excited to offer a meat CSA comprised of our artisan pork, beef, and lamb all raised here on the farm with organic, Regenerative Agriculture practices.  

Your monthly CSA box will have a variety of our mouth watering meat, including ground, steaks, and larger roasts.

 Our 4 month CSA subscription includes our Farm Newsletter full of recipes, and

 entertaining stories from the farm.

We invite you on a journey of connection to food and farming!

Let the joyful eating begin!

Our 4 month subscription includes a monthly box of a combination of cuts of our pork, beef, and lamb.

Boxes can either be picked up at the farm (delivery available if needed).

Full Share includes one box each month.  $565

Half Share includes one box every other month.  $285


Sample Share

Month 1 CSA Box

1# Ground Beef

1# T-Bone Steak

1# Pork Sausage

1# Pork Chops

1# Lamb Shanks

Month 2 CSA Box

1# Ground Beef

1# Pork Chops

Ham Hocks

Lamb Chops

3-4# Chuck Roast

Month 3 CSA Box

2# Ground Beef

1# Pork Chops

1# Pork Steak

Lamb Leg or Rack

Month 4 CSA Box

1# Ground Beef

2# Pork Chops

Sirloin Steak

Ham or Fresh Picnic Roast

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