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The Scanlons


We know how important food raised with compassion, care and love is to you.

We know you want healthy food you can trust.

We know you want to feel great about the choices you make for your own health, your family's health, and especially the continued health of the planet.

We are your farmer friends

raising beef, pork, chickens and eggs with a deep love and respect for the animals,

and a long term commitment to making the earth sustainable for generations to come. 


We adore our animals, and we are passionate about the Regenerative Agriculture principles we use to make healthy food, healthy land, and healthy families.

Come to the farm to snuggle the animals, renew your spirit, learn about homesteading,

and become part of our farm family.

We invite you to experience the magic and connection of raising animals the right way.

We look forward to meeting you!

Derek, Lara, and Nate


I am truly blessed to be living my dream! 

This farm feeds my soul, keeps me busy, and makes sure I never have a dull day! 

I am an animal lover through and through,

a lover of healthy homegrown food,

and a lover of the natural world.


Lara has a Masters in Teaching from Lewis and Clark, and a Masters Certificate in Outdoor Education from Islandwood/University of WA.  She had been involved in commercial organic agriculture since 1995, and has been teaching on and of just as long.  She has also run her own Edible Landscaping and Construction business which she started in 1998. 


Derek is the calm center of our crazy, animal filled universe. 

He is a master of staying mellow in times of chaos, and always seems to be the one putting away the tools! 

He is an incredible special education teacher, and his love and care for others and his deep commitment to always maintaining a positive learning environment shines through on the farm.

Derek had a Masters in Special Education and has been working with children and adults with disabilities since 1998.  He has been a group home manager, a PARA, and a lead teacher in self-contained Special Education classrooms.  He has a particular interest in communication skills and P.B.S.


Nate is an artist, a lover of all things Harry Potter,

and our sweet farm boy! 

He delights in his barefoot, carefree life where he spends hours

roaming the woods,

playing in the creek,

building forts and making his own bows and arrows,

and rescuing injured animals to move into our house!  

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