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The goats are the heart and soul of our animal world.  We raise Oberhasli goats for milk- and their milk is perfect!  The Oberhaslis are a Swiss Alpine breed prized for their lovely personality and incredible, mild tasting milk.  Our girls are extremely socialized and follow us around the farm like puppy dogs.  Goats are browsers, not grazers, so our goats are thrilled to roam through our forests and pastures eating the food they were meant to eat and helping us control the Himalayan blackberry.  


What a joy it is to hike up to the top of the property and see our flock of sheep grazing the upper field. We raise Katahdin and Icelandic sheep.  Our flock produces meat, wool, and lovely pelts.  They are so gentle and have been such a wonderful addition to our farm.  Sheep are classic grazers, so they are the perfect companions to rotationally graze with our herd of goats.  The goats eat the the blackberries and shrubs, and the sheep keep the pastures mowed!  We are so proud to be raising happy, healthy sheep, and wonderful, grass fed lamb!


Silvopastured pigs!  We raise Tamworth pigs, a traditional "bacon" breed of the United Kingdom that was typically raised in forests, foraging for their own food.  We rotationally graze our pigs through the forest where they are able to roam and root up the invasive Himalayan blackberry.  We feed them 100% organic feed that we ferment for easier digestion.  In addition to their feed our piggies munch on grass, leaves, roots, and bugs, and get plenty of attention from their humans.  We are so proud to be raising the highest quality, 100% organic pork. 


Our Moo Crew is rotationally grazed on over 10 acres of pasture, which we are now re-seeding with a high diversity pasture mix!  We raise Aberdeen Angus (the mini-Angus) along with Jersey/Simmental cross for beef, and our lovely Jersey milk cow, Ella May.

We are so proud to be raising animals that are helping sequester carbon simply by doing what they do best- munching grass and living the good life on green pastures!


Llamas, Alpacas! Oh my gosh!  Yes, we have llamas and alpacas!  OK, right now just one llama, but Finn's personality is worth 10 llamas.  Our llamas and alpacas play an important role on the farm as guardian animals, patrolling a vast section of land and chasing away coyotes and cougars.  They also entertain us with their cuteness as we continually try to make them snuggle (alpacas just don't really snuggle- but we'll keep trying!)


The chickens are really Nate's chickens!  He adores our little feathery friends and as you can see gives them lots of snuggles.  We feed our chickens 100% organic feed and our organic kitchen scraps.  The chickens also get to roam the property searching for bugs, eating grass, and just getting to be chickens!  Our eggs are spectacular!  If you have never had a chance to eat a fresh, organic farm egg we encourage you to come try one of our delicious eggs.  You will be back for more!

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