-Gaia's Garden, Toby Hemenway

-The Four Season Harvest, Eliot Coleman

-Edible Forest Gardens, Dave Jacke

Food Forest Agriculture

Our farm philosophy is based in Food Forest Agriculture in which our farming practices try to mimic a natural forest ecosystem with a specific focus on keeping the soil structure intact and healthy year after year.  We do this by never tilling, but instead using extensive sheet mulching, a technique of layering compost, mulches, and soil nutrients.  This sheet mulch helps keep our soil moist and protects from evaporation and erosion!

We are working toward creating an edible forest with many different fruit and nut trees, berries, and a wide variety of pollinator plants, mulch makers, and dynamic nutrient accumulators.

Most of all, we are creating a fantastic garden to feed us and you!


-Pat Coleby's books on Natural Farming and Animal Care

-Dr. Paul Detloff's Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically

Sustainable Livestock

Our animals are the key to our sustainability as a farm!  Our pasture and garden health depends on animal manures and grazing to keep the soil healthy year after year.  

We take enormous care to raise the healthiest, happiest animals buy using natural animal care, giving our animals acres to roam, and spending lots of time with them.  

We are dedicated to raising the highest quality milk and meat possible, and we believe that sustainably raised animals provide vital nutrition to people and the land.

And yes, they all have names!  


-Preservation Bee Council

Protecting Pollinators

Quite simply, if we do not have pollinators we do not eat!  Pollinators are responsible for much of the food we eat, and much of the food other animals need to survive.  We are serious about organic not just for the pollinators, but for the land, water, air, animals, and us too!  Chemical agriculture relies on deadly chemicals such as glyphosate that are known to cause cancer, kill pollinators, pollute food and water, and have been linked to a drastic rise in many health issues including autism, food allergies, and more.  

We plant large pollinator habitats to ensure healthy happy bees, birds, butterflies and bugs!


We adore our life on the farm, and when we are not outside working in the gardens, caring for the animals, or wandering the woods, we are in the kitchen!

We cook three meals a day from scratch- both for the simple joy of eating food raised on the farm, but also because we are dedicated to eating organic, wholesome, nutritious food.  And we are dedicated to sharing everything we know about the importance of eating and organic diet rich in good fats (animal fat from grass fed animals, organic milk, saturated fats such as avocados), cultured foods such as sauerkraut and goat milk keifer, and fresh organic vegetables and fruits, and avoiding refined sugar, refined vegetable oils, and processed foods.

We also believe it is so important to involve kids in the kitchen experience, and teaching kids about nutrition is easy and fun when they have fun in the kitchen!

We are so excited to share what we know about food, food preservation, and nutrition, and we are eager to learn more!



-Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon

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-Wild Fermentation, Sandor Katz

-Home Cheese Making, Ricki Carroll

-Radical Homemakers, Shannon Hayes


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