Farm goods

Raw Goat Milk 

We are so excited to offer the perfect raw milk and cheese.  Our Oberhasli goats produce an exceptional milk with an extremely milk flavor (no goaty taste!)

If you have never tried goat milk, or fresh milk in general, we promise "it will knock your socks off" (according to our 5 year old!).

Please feel free to come by for a taste.

We sell goat milk by the 1/2 gallon for $8 (one time jar deposit of $3).

Organic Eggs

Everyone tells us are eggs are so good!  And we sincerely appreciate the compliments, but we truly just give our chickens the life they are meant to live.

We feed our chickens 100% organic Scratch n' peck feed, a whole grain feed that we ferment (often if whey) to create the most nutritious feed possible.

Our eggs are $10/dozen.

Organic Veggies

The Pacific Northwest is the most amazing place to grow vegetables!  Coming from over a decade of commercial, organic farming in Northern Wisconsin, I am in heaven with year round vegetable cultivation here on Mt. Pleasant. My goal is to grow the largest variety of organic, year round produce for our family and all of you to enjoy.  And fresh vegetables just taste the best! If you simply need that one bunch of celery to finish dinner, or you would like to get your veggies each week from us, we are here for you!

Our garden prices vary depending on the vegetable, but will be around farmer's market prices.

And of course- you will always get free samples!


Lara or Derek

​Tel: 360-335-9743​


Colibri Gardens

1222 Belle Center Road

Washougal, WA 98671