pastured meat

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All our animals are rotationally grazed on our 40 acre farm, roaming through pastures and woods and getting lots of love and attention from their human friends!  We take great pride in our regenerative farming approach to raising meat.  Each year we work towards healthier grass and forest ecosystems, and in turn, healthier animals and the best tasting meat available.  We follow Pat Coleby's Natural Animal Care methods which include a "mineral bar" for all our animals and the use of natural de-wormers such as garlic and ginger (yes, I actually make them garlic/ginger/molasses milkshakes!).  

You can absolutely eat meat in a way that honors the animals, honors the land, and provides an important and healthy staple of your diet. 


Reserve meat now for our 2021 season!

  All our animals are processed on the farm by a USDA certified mobile slaughter and our meat is processed at Ward's Custom Meats.



$75 deposit for whole lamb.

We butcher lambs in November.  


$150 deposit for half/$300 for whole.

We butcher pigs in the fall.


$200 deposit for half/$400 for whole.

You can also purchase individual packages of pork, lamb, and beef at the farm!