Farm and Homesteading registration and information

To register your child for farm camps or homeschool programming or sign up for our one day programs, or if you have any questions, please send us an email at

or call 360-335-9743 (this is a landline, no texts please).  

We ask for a 50% deposit to hold your spot for camps with the remainder due the week prior to programming.

We ask for a 10% deposit for Homeschool Programming to hold your spot, with payment plans available for the remainder of the program cost.

For our one day programs we simply ask that you RSVP by email, and pay for programming when you arrive at the farm.

Please pay by check made out to Colibri Gardens Farm.  Please include with your the name of the camper(s)/student(s) and which program and date you or your child will be attending.

You can either bring your check in person to the farm, or mail it to:

Lara Scanlon

1222 Belle Center Road, Washougal, WA 98671

 We invite you to come to our Open House Farm Days if you would like to check out the farm and see if our programs will be a good fit for your family!

Saturday, June 25th 10 am - 12 noon

Sunday, June 26th 10 am - 12 noon

Some questions answered.


-Who teaches your programs?

We do!  Lara and Derek both have Masters in Teaching and many, many years of teaching and farming experience.  We are committed to ensuring that your kiddos have the most wonderful, magical, educational experience possible.  Please check out our bios in our "Meet Our Family" page for more information about each of us.

-Will my kids need any special clothes or other gear to attend your programs?

You do not need to buy any special clothing or shoes for your kids to come to our programs on the farm- but- if they have boots or shoes that slip on and off, and clothes that they and you don't mind getting dirty, that would certainly be helpful.  We will provide a space for each child to keep farm gear so you do not need to bring it back and forth to the farm each day.  

-Since you have so many animals, will my kids be safe?

We have been told by so many visitors how surprisingly friendly our animals are.  We spend an enormous amount of time socializing our animals, and they are all very friendly.  We will take great care during our programs to introduce your children to the animals, and we will make sure they understand the behaviors of our animals so that we can all be safe, animals and children alike.

In many years of teaching children around animals, we have actually found the animals to have a very calming effect on kids- even kids that are often very active.  Using animals in therapy situations has shown to be very rewarding for many children and adults, and we feel very confident that our animals and your children will do very well together.

With all that said, if you think that your child might be nervous around the animals, have a hard time following directions and being safe around animals, or has ever shown aggression toward animals or other children, we ask that you speak to us about this before signing up for programs so we can check to see if our programs will be a good fit for your child.

-Will my kids and their clothes/shoes get dirty? 



-My kids have never been on a farm and I don't know if they will like it.  Can I still sign up for programs?

In our experience we find that most kids fall in love with the farm pretty quick!  It is of course a farm- which means there is dirt, manure, bugs- but there are also animals and trees and wide open spaces, and the dirt, manure, and bugs are our friends too!  We work very hard to make all kids feel safe and comfortable, and we know that all kids will come to us with different levels of experience being in the country, outside, and/or around animals.  

We invite you to come to one of our Open House Farm Days and see how your child/children like being out here!

-What if my kids have allergies, or what if they are allergic to things on the farm but we did not know this prior to signing up?

We highly encourage you to come to our Open House Farm Days to check out the farm and see if your children have any allergies that might make spending full days on the farm challenging.  Since we are a working farm, and in the country, there may be quite a few allergens that they have never encountered.  We have several natural solutions to help with allergies (sending your child with a thermos of Stinging Nettle tea and local honey; frequent face and hand washing- which we will always do between activities), but if your child has severe allergies you may want to consider either Benadryl or if this is the right kind of programming for your child.

-I see that some of your camps are in the late summer.  What if it is very hot, say, high 90s or even 100 degrees.  Will you still run camps and will our kids be safe?  And what about during the colder months in the winter?  How will my kids stay warm?

Yes, we sure do get some weather around here don't we!  We are so incredibly lucky to live on a 40 acre farm that is mostly forested and with a lovely year round creek.  Even when it is 100 degrees in Washougal, Camas, and Portland, we find that the temperature is typically at least 10 degrees cooler here- in part because the farm is around 1000 ft in elevation.

During very hot weather we will spend the day in the deeper parts of the forest where the 180ft tall Douglas Fir trees keep us nice and cool.  We will also make sure we are drinking lots of water, and cooling ourselves off in the creek.

So, yes, our programs will definitely still run if the weather is hot, and we will be happy and safe and as cool as we can be.  

(And after camp we call all head down to the Washougal River for a swim!)

Our homeschool programs run year round, and though we do take several weeks off during the winter, it is very cold and wet for much of the year here in the Pacific Northwest.  We will certainly spend a good deal of time outside caring for the animals and exploring the woods, but during the wetter and colder months our programs will focus heavily on skill building inside, either in our large workshop which is heated by a woodstove, or in our main farmhouse.  When outside in the late fall, winter, and early spring months we will make sure we dress well so we stay warm, and we will make sure we are cozy and warm inside when we need to warm up!

-I really love your programming, but I live in Portland- how far are you from Portland and what if I need to work- in other words, how do I get my child back and forth? Are there things I can do during the time my child is attending camp/class so I do not need to drive all the way back to town?

The farm is just a mile from hwy 14, and just 35 minutes from most places in Portland.  We are more than happy to help connect families so kids can carpool, and we are happy to work with you individually if pick up and drop off times need to be flexible.  

We are located just 10 minutes from Washougal, and if you need a space to work there are many coffee shops located in Camas and Washougal.  We are also surrounded by fabulous hiking, and we are happy to give you suggestions about things to do while your child is at the farm.