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Adult Homesteading classes!

learn to farm

Do you daydream about farming, or did you just buy 10 acres in the country but have no idea where to start?  This crash course in farming and homesteading will go over the basics of animals care, how to choose the right livestock breeds for you and your land, how to tackle best fencing choices and solutions, how to raise your animals to maximize best health outcomes, and how to breed and milk your livestock.

We can't teach you everything in a day, but we can certainly get you started!



Learning to farm and homestead is like learning another language!  And of course, YouTube videos are very helpful, but there is no substitute for seeing it all in front of you.  Neither one of us grew up on a farm, so we really understand what it feels like to learn the language of farming as an adult, and there is nothing we value more that our time spent with our mentor farmers!

Farming is all about rolling up your sleeves and just doing it, but some careful thought and planning will go a long way to ensuring a successful farm or homestead, and will save you a lot of money too!

This class is meant to tackle this big stuff and as much of the little stuff as we can cram into a day on the farm.  Designed for busy folks like we all seem to be these days, we will get right into the good stuff as we take an in-depth look at our farming operation, what we have done well and what we would change, what animals we love and what we have had to rethink, farm and homestead economics, and so much more!



Topics covered will include:

Livestock (including but not limited to goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, llamas, alpacas).

Different livestock breeds and what breeds are best suited to different types of goals/operations/land.

Where to purchase livestock and things to look for/questions you should be asking.

General and specific livestock care, including housing, health, parasite control, common injuries/illness/concerns.

Livestock Guardian dogs and llamas.

Fencing: How to create fencing that works for your land, your budget, your animals.  

Farm Economics 101

Rotational Grazing

Food Forest Gardening- basic principles of no-till orchards and gardens.

From your farm to your table...what does it take to grow all your own food and is it even possible....

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