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Goat Milking and 
comprehensive goat care workshop

Lara has been there for me as a goat mentor as I've started my own dairy goat herd. She's always there to answer my frantic phone calls about feed, hoof care, injuries, and most recently a difficult delivery. She's great at brainstorming ideas and pointing me in the right direction. Having a mentor is priceless when you're just starting out with livestock. ~ Megan

July 29th, 2023.  9 am- 1 pm



Topics covered include:

Goat Kidding

Care of newborn kids

Milking and dam care during milking


Feeding and Nutritional needs

Blackberry control with goats

Minerals for Goats

Fencing for Goats


parasite care

herbal treatments

hoof care

Dehorning goats


Livestock Guardian Dogs

Breed selection

Breeding goats

Supplies needed for successful goat care


Lara was a lifesaver for me. It was my first time kidding with our mama doe who had a 3 year history of easy unassisted births. All were twins before. I was hoping this birth would be just like her others, but I was totally wrong. Luckily, I did my homework and was able to safely assist with the first two kids who were too large to be pushed out by mama on her own. Then mama had trouble passing the placenta -- it took about 11 hours -- and I had a terrible sense that more trouble was on the way. After the placenta was passed, the doe began to push again and was in obvious pain and distress. I called Lara for advice and she immediately calmed me down as we brainstormed what to do next. It turned out there was a third baby who we believed had died in the birth canal and I was unable to help the mama deliver it. Lara quickly packed an emergency bag and jumped in the car -- during a snowstorm!! -- to come to our aid. She had a Plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C to get us through the challenging delivery and also to implement vital postpartum care of the mama. With Lara's knowledge, experience, support, and sheer chutzpah, I'm convinced she saved our doe's life. What's more, she continues to be an invaluable friend and resource as I learn to navigate the ups and downs of raising and caring for these beautiful animals. She's truly a gift! ~ Briana

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