Practical homesteading

We know that you and your situation are unique!  Our Practical Homesteading class is a one of a kind experience designed just for you, by you!  Are you new to the idea of Homesteading and wondering if this lifestyle is right for you and your family?  Do you already own land but need some help figuring out what to do with it?  Do you desperately love goats, but need some practical solutions for fencing (don't we all!)?  It is simply impossible to learn all the nuts and bolts of farming without a mentor, and we are here to help you.  This class dives into the skills and information needed to run a successful homestead- from fencing to milking, gardening to rotational grazing, or canning to keeping chickens happy and healthy.

You design the class that is right for you by choosing from a variety of topics as well as the length of your class.  

Join us for a homesteading extravaganza! Experience the intensity, joy, and reality of homesteading, from learning how to care for and milk goats to keeping a farmstead kitchen.  Whether you are simply curious about homesteading, wondering if you would thrive in this lifestyle, or already own land and would love to further your knowledge, this class will give you the tools and foundation to make your homesteading dreams come true.

Topics covered include: 

  • Organic gardening for a year-long harvest

  • Creating healthy soil and keeping it healthy for years to come

  • Creating a Food Forest: Design and implementation including sheet mulching, planting and caring for fruit trees and berry bushes

  • Feeding, housing and caring for goats, sheep, chickens, llamas and alpacas

  • The dairy goat: Natural goat care and milking

  • Fencing

  • Preserving the harvest: canning, pickling and sauerkraut

  • The dairy kitchen: Cheese, yogurt, and keifer

  • Small farm economics: strategies for economic survival on the small farm and homestead and more!

You can create a one, two, or three day class depending on your interests and the amount of topics you would like to learn.  Our two and three day classes offer lodging at a discounted rate.   


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